Sunday, 7 July 2013

Mixed Signals from Cardigan Boy

Recently, all of my Posh Boy friends have been trying to get me to go out with Cardigan Boy (who is the shy, lovely Posh Boy). I haven't been 100% sure about this because
A. Whilst I have un-renounced boys, I am still aware that most guys are Knobheads and Manwhores.
B. I no longer trust the Posh Boys after having been with one of them, Curly Haired Guy, and he then left me for a 10-year old Bimbo (I exaggerate, she is Year 11. But still. That is young.)

Well, I realised that I don't know Cardigan Boy at all, so I have been trying to get to know him. On Friday we had a lot of banter going on, but he didn't make me laugh. It was kind of one-sided to be honest. Last night I felt so clingy around him! This was partially because I went on a trampoline in heels and twisted my ankle, therefore not being able to stand up alone. However, I also just felt reliant on him, because I had a tiny crush on him.

But my amazing new friend Gingernut pointed out that whilst Cardigan Boy is nice he is arrogant. And now I see that he falls into the third category of guys I like: Arrogant Arses.
He makes me do all the work, all the flirting and most of the talking! Yet he just stays cool as a cucumber whilst I make a fool out of myself. Nope, I am done with trying to impress people. From now on, if he likes me then he will have to chase me. No, correction: I do not want him to chase me, because I do not want to date him. The world is full of Knobheads, Manwhores and Arrogant Arses, but I am convinced that there must be SOME nice people out there. And it will be my mission to find them.

Speaking of Knobheads, I have some Knight News
For those of you who haven't read the blog for long, Knight was my best friend for 2 years and I friendzoned him. Then when he said he loved me last year I told him I loved him too. Then he ignored me for a year, got a girlfriend, got engaged and then texted me again. A few months ago I met up with him and it was great. But he has a horrible impact on me: he is the only boy I have ever loved, and he knows it. So he treats me like shit and knows I will forgive him.
As part of my new persona as an Independent Almost-18 Year Old, I am going to stop thinking about and forgiving Knight.
He really is a knobhead.
And my new friend, Gingernut, told me that Knight the Knobhead is also a Manwhore and he tried to get with her! Oh, dear! My taste is, as Funny Guy says, absolutely appalling.

Also, on Friday my friend Tree (who I kissed at the beginning of the year) kissed a lovely girl, so that is cool.
And last night there was another party, where I twisted my ankle and was literally picked up by 3 very nice and cute guys. They are just friends but I thought they were really lovely to do that!

Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal xxx

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