Sunday, 14 July 2013

Arrogant Arse

Hello Chums,
Sorry I haven't written in so long and i genuinely have no idea why! However, I have been jotting down things in my notebooks of things I need to tell you, and this starts with the new breed of male which I have recently encountered: The Arrogant Arse.
These male specimens come in 2 forms: the downright blatant & the subtle.
The downright blatant Arrogant Arses are the ones who openly brag about how many girls they have slept with. These boys spend more time looking in the mirror than checking their Twitter. In brief, they think with their briefs and not with their brains.
The subtle ones are clever little buggers. They have a shy charm which draws you to them, making you think that they are cute and timid. Then BAM! You realise that their ego is bigger than Russia.
There is no way of telling if the guy is genuinely shy or if he is an undercover Arrogant Arse. it usually takes one incident or comment for him to reveal his true arrogant nature.

For me, this happened last weekend with Cardigan Boy.
Cardigan Boy appears to be a very sweet, quiet and friendly boy. As I mentioned in other posts, he appeared to have a crush on me, and I wanted to try out a nice boy for once, so I spent some time trying to get to know Cardigan Boy. I asked him questions, had private jokes with him and we were getting on really well. And then the 'BAM' happened.
He told all my friends that he would 'go for it' with me, but he thinks that I want a relationship, whilst he does not.

WOAH WOAH WOAH. I never ever ever told him that I wanted a relationship, and I certainly did not give off a Clingy I-Want-A-Relationship Vibe. So why on earth did he think this?
The answer is: he is an Arrogant Arse. And now when I see him I understand what Carly Simon was talking about - he walked into the party like he was walking onto a yacht.

He has an ego the size of Europe and he expects girls to swoon for his fake timidness! How dare he!
I'm imparting this wisdom to you: don't be fooled by shy guys.
Us chicas have to stick together,

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