Sunday, 14 July 2013

Crush Dilemmas

Last Saturday I was so blindingly drunk that I managed to
A. Jump on a trampoline in mahoosive heels and twist my ankle
B. Flirt with 3 boys (including Cardigan Boy, and 2 boys from school)
C. Give the impression that I had kissed these 3 boys.
D. Be described as "the highlight of the night" by one of the most popular girls at school.
E. Not pass out or throw up
F. Not remember hardly any of the night.

Well, what I do remember of the night was that I severely twisted my ankle and was carried around throughout the night by my 3 knights in shining armour: Cardigan Boy, Cutie and Froggie.
Froggie and I have French together (hence the nickname) and I remember that we were getting on really well, but we are just really good friends.
At this party, my friend made me realise that Cardigan Boy is an Arrogant Arse (see the previous post).
And then there is Cutie...
Cutie carried me and we get along really well. He loves Magic FM, which is my favourite station. And he is really cute!

Well... I have a teeny tiny crush on Cutie, but I keep cocking things up at school!
OK, Incident Number One: He said "Hey, you alright?" and I forgot how to form words with my mouth, and tried to say "Hi" and "Yeah" and the same time.
I said "Heaaah". That's not even a word! It was a cringy mumbly thing!

Incident Number Two: When he smiled at me I went all red like a beetroot.

Incident Number Three: When he held the door open for me I couldn't bring myself to say thank you so I look like a rude meanie beanie.

Harrumph. In case you haven't noticed, my life is so sad right now that people would pay not to play me in a movie.
Aaaaaand my very good friend, Funny Guy, is absolutely lovely but again there are so many mixed signals! When he is drunk he says I am beautiful and too good for Knight (who got back with Slutcliffe) and yet he also says we are best friends. But then he said that his best friend is this other girl. So confusing!

Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal xxx

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