Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Phasing Out

I think that some things in life are inevitable: it was inevitable that either Jack or Rose was going to die in Titanic, it was inevitable that Rachel was going to get off the plane in FRIENDS, and it is inevitable that you will meet a guy, get very close to him, and then be phased out.
Whether this is a boy you fancy or whether this is a boy you just feel close to as a friend (like I am with Funny Guy), being Phased Out has a few simple steps:
1. He replies to your texts with a totally unrelated topic, usually about himself. This shows that he is not interested in what you want to say and just wants to talk about himself. He's not interested in you anymore.
2. His replies get less frequent and he apologises, saying he is busy with his work.
3. His replies get even less frequent until they eventually stop.

This happened with Knight and it's happening with Funny Guy.
When this does happen, you have 2 options:
A. Cling: you can ask him why he hasn't replied to you and appear to be Desperado for him to like you. Then you can repeatedly text him and pray he will reply. DON'T CHOOSE THIS OPTION - I know from my experience with Knight that you will feel awful after this.
B. Laid-back Lady: Just accept it and move on. If he wants to talk to you then he knows where you are. Don't make him talk to you if he doesn't want to. And this is what I shall do with Funny Guy, who claims he is 'too busy' to talk right now.
But with Funny Guy we have been talking for a month non-stop so maybe a break from our friendship is what we both need.

Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal xxx

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