Thursday, 25 July 2013

Hazard Perception: Dating

At present, my mind is completely full of driving theory lingo and rules etc because I have to take my test on Saturday...
Part of this test is hazard perception, which is seeing potential hazards and thinking about how to deal with them. And I just realised that relationships, from friendships to guys you are dating, all require a bit of hazard perception: identifying potential problems and reacting before anything can happen.

When choosing where to go on your date (we are modern women, gals, and guys now expect us to choose where we are going) you need to think about
1. The atmosphere you want. If you barely know the guy then I would usually suggest going to the cinema because this requires no talking and your small talk before and after can just be about how much you want to see/ how much you liked the film. BUT then Nice Guy took me to the cinema and decided to try to get to know me whilst the film was showing (which resulted in a lot of evil glares and shhhhhhh's from old ladies in front of us). So I would now recommend getting a coffee instead. If the date is going well ten you guys can walk around after or go get some dinner. But if you need a Mission Abort then you can wolf down that latte and get out of there after 30 mins tops.
2. How you want the date to end. If you want a goodbye kiss then I would avoid taking him to see Ice Age at the cinema, or taking him to the zoo. If you want the kiss then take him to dinner, or take him to Covent Garden in London. If it is winter then ice skating is a must!
3. What you want to wear. Have a new dress that you are dying to show off? Take him to Zizzis, not Nandos.

Think that covers hazard perception for dating.
But I've also been thinking about Hazard Perception for...
I don't have a boyfriend or anything, and I am referring to my guy best friend, Funny Guy, when I write this. However, it does also apply to boyfriends.
The key thing is not to get too attached. With Funny Guy we talk ALL DAY and we never run out if things to say. We get on so well and he is lovely, but I don't want to get too attached. When you get attached you get reliant on hearing from him all the time. And you won't be that close forever- he will distance himself from you at some point and if you are too reliant on his constant companionship the this will upset you.
How to avoid this hazard: don't get too attached or clingy. He could be here today and gone tomorrow
But maybe this is just my cynicism talking.

Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal xxx
P.S. I no longer fancy the Cutie at my school because he is flirty with every member of the female race.
P.P.S I was snap chatting Arrogant Arse (Cardigan Boy) and he stopped replying...!

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