Thursday, 25 July 2013

Miss Ray of Sunshine

Maybe we could blame Zooey Deschenel. Maybe it's Lorelai from Gilmore Girls. For some unknown reason, boys expect girls to be happy all the time. If we are in a bad mood then we have to hide it or risk being told we are being 'boring', 'unreasonable' or 'hormonal'.

The truth of the matter, is that Zooey's character on New Girl - the girl who is always happy - does not exist. Many of us try to be her, but ultimately nobody can be happy all the time.
It is time for guys to realise that Little Miss Ray Of Sunshine does not exist.
And why should we try to please guys all the time?
Obviously, I'm not saying that we should be grumpy all the time, but it is not necessary to always be chirpy when you're actually in a shmood.

Just bear that in mind next time you say 'my day was good' after having the worst day known to mankind.

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