Monday, 20 May 2013

Top Tips for Exams

In an ideal world we'd all be kangaroos, hopping around New Zealand and just being like "Hey, man, I'm a kangaroo". But, alas, no. We have to take exams which, as my Classics teacher says, are "just intellectual bullshit games for people who are bored with their lives". I do love him!
Right, so here are Grammar Gal's top tips to prevent you from going TOO cray-cray!:
1. Drink Red Bull in moderation. I have never followed this rule, and I'm almost 100% sure that there is more red bull in my veins than blood. But, hey. Maybe you guys could tell me what it's like not to be a caffeine addict. Must be pretty calm. Like being Gandhi or something.
2. BUY POST-ITS. Omg, best decision I've ever made. My room is top to toe covered in these beautiful objects, my lovers if you will. They have all the info you need so you can just revise by looking at your wall. Just be a cool kid and buy post-its.
3. Ignore all members of the opposite sex. Obviously I cocked this up by snogging Curly Haired Guy and getting glandular fever. But generally speaking, ignore them. They're a pointless distraction. And most of them are twats anyway.
4. Drink water and fruit etc... (this is coming from a gal who has 1 piece of fruit a month)
5. Don't drink alcohol. Guys, let's not be twazzocks. It's all about Innocent smoothies and Red Bull (not together. The idea just repulses me). So put down that bottle of Cheap Glen's Vodka. And pick it back up in a couple of week's time....
6. Do a timetable. But not a neurotic "I will wake up at 5am and will study until 11pm". Hun, that just ain't gonna happen. Be realistic...

Think that just about sums up the rules by. Or, well, I know I should live by them. Which is practically the same thing.
Talk to you later chicas,
Grammar Gal xxxxxx

P.S. I'm still 10000000% over Mr Knight, do not you worry. And for once I don't think I'm going to fall back down the slippery slope. I don't want to be friends/more than friends with a Knobhead. End of :')

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