Saturday, 18 May 2013

Let's Dumb This Down

Right guys. I am over thinking things again. Even though Knight does not think of me as anything more than a friend that does not mean that I should blank him. Also I think I am actually over him tbh, because I'm actually bored of liking someone who does not feel the same way. As I said before, there are a gazillion fishes/Twatfaces in the sea and I should focus on them instead of Knight, who I shall now only see as a friend.

Besides Knight, all that is really new is that
A. My mother's friends think it is acceptable to share photos of a strip club they went to. NOT OK!
B. I have been doing my A Levels and I've been avoiding my lover, Charles I, today because he is boring as fuck!
C. I have been attempting and failing to persuade my mother that the leader of Germany is not a Nazi.
D. I managed to persuade her not to vote for UKIP because that would make us Fascists.

Better get back to the love of my life, King Fucking Charles.
He deserved to get his head chopped off. Boring tosser

AMMENDMENT I no longer fancy Knight! It is weird but I just started remembering all the reasons we are not compatible and voila! I can now be a happy singleton again, but this time I will try to avoid Manwhores/Scumbags/Twatfaces/Knobheads and will instead see if there is anyone out there who vaguely resembles Channing Tatum and had a heart as big as Ghandi
Keep you posted xxxxx

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