Friday, 17 May 2013

Redefining my standards

Knight broke up with Sutcliffe. But don't get too excited, guys, because
A. He's just not that into me, because if he was then he would make an effort and not ignore texts like a twazzock
B. There are pics of him with another girl on my news feed and I'm not saying that they're together but...Look, the harsh reality is he thinks of me as a friend. Nope. Correction. He doesn't think about me anymroe and that's OK.
But now I'm looking to be more than someone's Sloppy Seconds, I think everyone deserves to be someone's First Choice.

What is the use of being in love with someone who sees you as an option? I think he knew he was going to dump Sutcliffe and wanted to see a bunch of girls he used to hang out with and assess who he likes best. Like a freaky version of Take Me Out or something...

But enough about him! And it's time for the end of the Reign of the Knobheads. From now on I'll be either a nun or maybs I'll just try out loads of different guys. Hmmmmm, I can feel more Fishing Trips coming on! (Fishing Trip: Definition: Trips where one meets guys of one's age and gets their number. These have occurred at parks and buses and drunk-skunk parties)
Knight is OUT of the picture because he just doesn't feel the same way - I can just tell! :')
Seriously, guys. Unless he comes round my house with a bunch of forget-me-nots then I'm dooooone! And now I'm feeling fantabulous now I've decided on this Plan Of Action,
Keep you posted,
Grammar gal xxxx

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