Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The New Relationships

It appears that I was born in the wrong century.
I'm just so confused about where the romance and chivalry has gone: I want a Mr. Darcy who is so completely besotted with me that he rejects the advances of that slutty Miss Bingley. I want a Paul from Breakfast At Tiffany's who is protective and romantic.
But, alas. No.
I'm lumbered with guys who want The New Relationships.
There are 2 types of relationships: the ones based on feelings and the ones based on..other feelings. Sex.
How can we find out the difference between what a guy says he wants (a relationship) and what he really wants?
Guys are so complex that I feel I need a sat nav into their minds.
I wish there was a Code or something, because there's just no way for us to distinguish the 2 relationships.

Anyways, that's enough reflection for one evening...
Knight news
Wow, it's like a news bulletin or something.
Feeling like an anchor-woman, not going to lie. Or maybe the girl who tells the Traffic News on TV.
Anyway. The news: he is getting married, but claims he doesn't want to be getting married. This is just so... like Jane Eyre. In this Fantabulous Book, Rochester has a wife but convinces Jane that she's mad so Jane pities him. And now Knight tried to convince me his fiance is messed up. The parallels are never-ending.
You guys know what the Knight Situation is and I literally have nooooo idea how we could possibly be friends but I want to at least try to make things work.
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal xxx

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