Monday, 29 April 2013

The Knight Debate

According to my friends, guys and girls can't be just friends. Hmmmm....well in One Day they are just friends. Although, actually, they do end up together in the end.
Fine, I can't think of any examples now, but guys and girls can be just friends - especially if one of them has a girlfriend. 
Yesterday I met up with Knight. For those of who who don't know, he's the guy best friend I had for 2 years who then bitchslapped my heart when he went off with his girlfriend. But I have a very forgive-and-forget nature so I'm over that now :)
It was just....easy yesterday - we get on really well and things are so simple because we know each other like a fridge knows magnets. OK that was a shit analogy but you get my drift... The only downside was that I’m fucking terrified of squirrels and I fell out of a tree because he said there was one behind me. Turns out I’m not that graceful :’)
But things are so complicated now because
A. He’s engaged. He told me he didn’t want to be engaged and it was a drunk proposal taken the wrong way but, as one of my friends said today: “He’s engaged. You can’t see him anymore”
B. His girlfriend is pretty co-dependent on him and he’s made her loads of promises.
C. Nobody trusts us to just be friends – including his girlfriend. He had to lie to her to be able to meet up with me which made me

And I was talking to my friends about The Knight Situation today and they were divided – half of the group told me to leave him alone because he has a girlfriend/fiancĂ© and I shouldn’t be a homewrecker and even if we were friends, something could still happen. Some of them said that Knight is a cutiepie and I should stay friends with him. But, generally, it was unanimously agreed that Knight is a Knob who should either break up with his girlfriend or stay away from me – he can’t have his cake and eat it.

If any of you have ever read Jane Eyre you’ll know that he is like Rochester, complaining about his “mad” wife Bertha (Sutcliffe in this case) and I’m like Jane (yay, she’s a badass). It’s just complex but basically Rochester is manipulative and tries to persuade Jane to pity him, but really she should be pitying Bertha because she’s had a shit life. That is my predicament. However, Jane still loves Rochester and they do end up together. I am doubtful that Iwill end up with Knight because so much has changed and he’s so much more mature than I am and he has a girlfriend.

Why can’t things ever be simple...
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal xxx

According to Knight I over-complicate things. Here is the NEW RULES: Knight is my friend, he has a girlfriend who he does love even if she is hard work. He is engaged to her and he bought her a ring. He is Strictly Off Limits and I'm fine with that :) 
I don't think I have time for anyone other than Charles I at the moment anyway...

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