Friday, 24 May 2013

CHG Redeems himself. A Drunk Skunk Post

I never thought this would happen. Curly Haired a guy is no longer hated because
A. He went to the doctors and had a blood test and he did not give me glandular fever
B. He apologised for treating me like shit and he looked like he was gonna cry
C. When I told him I was used to guys treating me like shit he was so angry and he said that I don't deserve it because I am "pretty, funny and intelligent"
Ok guys I am a drunk skunk at the mo and I won't lie, I find CHG very attractive. He is so fucking protective and so...moody.
And I texted Knight le knobhead telling him I do not like him and he has replied saying that the reason he has not replied is that he feels like shit. Girls I do not know how to reply to that. He just HATES me. I can tell. And there is nothing I can do. It just sucks.
I am officially melancholic and just feeling so....down.
I really thought I was going to cry tonight when CHG was being so nice to me. Thank fuck I did not or that would have been awkward.
Guys I am so tired, I feel like a balloon without helium,
Speak soon,
Grammar gal cxxxxx

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