Wednesday, 10 April 2013

New Wave of Cynicism

I can't pin-point the exact moment when I decided that I would rather lick the Queen's feet than have a boyfriend right now. It may have started when Curly Haired guy dumped me for that 10-year old (well, she's 16. It's practically the same thing) and blamed it on my "commitment issues" when really he just wanted an easier girlfriend.
But I feel so...
I stand by my belief system that a girl and a guy should kiss when they are really into each other. I have only ever kissed guys who were
A. Knobheads
B. Manwhores
C. Taking advantage of my Drunk Skunk state.

Enough is enough!
I am fed up with boys who just take what they want and then leave (i.e. the allusive Knight and The Manwhore also known as Curly Haired Guy).
I am going to wait, and perhaps search in the summer if I get out of this I-hate-Men phase, for The Guy who will be patient with me despite my 500-Days-of-Summer/Breakfast-at-Tiffany's type of issues which make me, as my sister says, "complicated". I am finished with settling for second-best.

Speaking of second-best, there was a time that I believed every guy would be 'sloppy seconds' when compared to the alleged 'love of my life' Knight who got a girlfriend. But now I see clear as sunshine what a knobhead he is, when he apologised for being a "wanker" and then ignored me AGAIN.
So I told him, IN THESE EXACT WORDS, to stick his apology up his arse!
Wooo girl power :')

Keep you posted when I've joined a nunnery,
Grammar Gal xxx

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