Friday, 5 April 2013

Mind the Age Gap & Knight News

In this society where girls are constantly told that they should be looking for a knight in shining armour it is assumed that he will be older and taller and protective - like the guy who sings Sixteen Going on Seventeen in The Sound of Music before he becomes a Nazi.
But this poses the problem: does age really matter?
With Curly Haired Guy the fact that he was a few months younger than me really bothered me. It felt like he was just too...young and immature I suppose. And then there's the fact that he's a whole YEAR younger than you in numbers - i.e. I'm 17 and he is 16, which just sounds cringey.
It's just better when the guy is older!
Then again, people say that Love is Blind and if you like a guy then age shouldn't matter (so long as he's not a child, of course!).
I'll leave it up to you to decide but, for me, I think that older is better (although I'd say that over 8 years older is pushing it...!)

More Curly Haired Guy news...
- He has a girlfriend who has just turned 16 (as in, last week she was 15 - I feel so old!)
- He gave me glandular fever - a kissing disease passed from person to person by their saliva. He doesn't have to have it to pass it on - he could be the carrier of someone else's glandular fever. Basically, it means that I will be super-tired for the next 2 months (including for my exams. What a bastard)
- I liked his relationbship status on Facebook. Because I'm petty and silly but CAN WE JUST REMEMBER that he said he didn't care about my relationship issues and would wait for me because he "really really like[d]" me.
Eurgh. Tosser.

And speaking of Tossers, I have Knight News...
He texted me a few days ago saying he misses me and we need to talk and he apologises for being a "wanker". I forgave him and we chatted for a bit. Then the texts stopped. As they always do. For anyone that doesn't know: Knight is a knobhead who I was infatuated with and didn't express my feelings towards so he got a girlfriend. But now it's become ridiculous: I let him walk all over me and I never stand up for myself when he ignores me. This will change. I can feel an angry "get out of my life" text coming...

So, yeah, to summarise: Knight and Curly Haired Guy are both Utter Twatfaces but CHG is worse because he gave me glandular fever. I now officially hate him and wish bad things on him.
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal xxx

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