Thursday, 14 March 2013

Grammar Gal at the Office

I am currently sitting at a desk with a boiling cup of tea which I am too scared to drink, for fear of losing my tongue. I'm on Work Shadowing for the week and I've been writing articles and filing all week, which has been fun, but I'm not 100% sure if journalism is for me (I'm considering biting the bullet and going into publishing, thereby ignoring my Carrers' Guidance Councillor who told me it's a "dying profession").
In about 48 minutes I have to interview a successful children's author on the phone, which should not be too scary considering it will be done on the phone but
A. I have a sore throat and every time I speak it feels like little elves are tickling me.
B. I am a very shy person if truth be told, and the prospect of interviewing a complete STRANGER is pretty scary.
C. This lady's book is awesome. It's so good that it's a bit intimidating, and I read it in 2 days' straight.
D. I'm socially awkward and prone to cocking things up (as you know).

This morning I got to work on time as opposed to 20 minutes early! :O And I've already written 2 articles. Feeling rather productive for once in my life -  wooo!

ARGHHHHH Thought my tea was cold enough and it was still lava-temperature, so my mouth is on fire!! However, must look normal and composed so the others in the office will think I am normal.
That shouldn't be too difficult, right?

On the boy front, I have been speaking to Curly Haired Guy pretty regularly and it's all going swell. We won't rush into anything and shall keep things casual but we like him even more now because
1. He's stubborn like me
2. He (sometimes) makes me laugh
3. He likes banana milkshakes
4. He's very sweet and said he will miss me this weekend because I'm not going to his party.
I've put myself under Desk Arrest for a while so, yes, the old Grammar Gal is back! I'm swapping Pina Coladas for Post-its, and I'm happy with this choice!
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal xxx

The interview itself went fantabulously, she was witty and very bubbly and easy to interview.
However, the phone company cocked up and forgot to record the interview (despite us telling them to) so I had to write the interview from memory!! On the brightside, things went tits up and it wasn't my fault for a change :D
This afternoon, in 40 minutes to be exact, I am off to Chessington theme park for the launch of the new safari ride, and my bosses (the man and his wife) gave me £40 Topshop vouchers!! Shopaholic is currently in heaven!
The only dilemma of today has been the Chocolate Consumption. Throughout the week I have been eating an average of 3-4 chocolate bars A DAY and this really must stop.
Which reminds me...
Last night I did VOLUNTARY EXERCISE for the first time since I tried to become a cheerleader. It was a 10 Minutes Pilates video and though I swore at the patronising stick insect more that was necessary and, on occassion, sat up and said "Who the fuck can do THAT" I didn't wholly give up and I'm going to try to do the DVD a few times a week in my effort to become a Gymmie. We'll see how long it lasts...

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