Friday, 8 March 2013

Confustion and Mixed Feelings - a Drunk Skunk Post

I kissed Curly Haired Guy. I tried not to. We were talking for aaaaages and then I went next door and then he looked melancholic so I went out again with him to the basement and we were talking again (a DMC about my commitment issues and how I'll like someone then change my mind for no reason).
And then one thing led to another and...we just started kissing.
As the first time, it was was goooooood.
He's a very very good kisser.
He should be in the Olympics for Kissing (it's a sport!)
But we have to keep it on the Down-Low since I haven't talked to my friend yet
But, between you and I, chums, I can't bring myself to say to her "I like CHG" I?!
I keep changing my mind.
I'm such a useless numpty and I don't blame you for hating me for my annoyingness.

HOWEVER, here is an Awkward Annecdote to make you (hopefully) pity me:
For 20 mins I was sitting down on the floor and the guys were looking at my Builders Bum until my friend told me. How embarrassing! Hopefully they've all forgotten but still....Cringe!!

Keep you posted on the CHG situation...
Grammar Gal xxx

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