Thursday, 7 February 2013

SUCH a bad day! But Z redeems himself...

Sometimes life hands you lemons and you have to make lemonade. Other times, life hits you round the face with a watermelon and there's no way to make the situation better.
Today was a shit day.

It started this morning when I lost my phone. I've ransacked my house and my only explanation is that it must have eloped with another phone, because it's gone. Then in English I got an average mark and my Perfect Friend (pretty, funny, lovely, smart, has a boyfriend, can sing) got the highest in the class. Not that I'm jealous. Of course. No, in all seriousness she deserves a good mark because she's good at English. But still. Sigh.
Then my Classics teacher told me that my mock exam was illegible and is going to make me hand-write all my homeworks until my handwriting improves. This is just like Yr 3 again where I was put into a special class of people who couldn't write properly...
Then I found out that Curly-Haired guy is an actual twatface, who uses girls for sex and then dumps him. And I believed him when he agreed with me and that romance is more than getting off with someone when you're shitfaced! I feel like such a numpty...! No wonder he hasn't talked to me in ages...
However, the major reason today was Shockingly Appalling was that I didn't have enough money on my oyster card (I had accidentally tapped out of the station twice when leaving, so it deducted £5 from my oyster card, which means that my oyster wouldn't work on the bus) so the BITCH driver waited 5 minutes for me to take out the entire contents of my purse, eagerly trying to muster £2.40 together. I had £2.36 and she WOULDN'T LET ME ON THE BUS.
What a bitch!!! And it wasn't just that; NOBODY on the bus offered me the fucking 4pence!!!! How ridiculous is England?!?! I hate English people - they are so stuck up their own arses and that "stiff upper lip" thing is soooo true. I hate them I hate them I hate them.
So I was forced to walk in the FREEZING COLD to the station and pay out and EXTRA FIVE POUNDS on my debit card. However my debit card was rejected by the machine, and I then found a £20 note in my purse (of course - when I was getting on the bus I never noticed that...!) and had to go to the corner shop to get some change. I topped up my oyster and was crying from frustration by that point but, being Stuck Up Britain nobody asked me if I was OK. Then when I got to my second bus stop I bumped in to Z (whilst still crying) and he was with some guy pals. He asked me if I was crying, I said I was and didn't really want to talk about it, then went into the shop to get some change (because I had IDIOTICALLY done the same thing with my oyster card - tapped it twice at the station, so £5 was deducted from it and the oyster wouldn't work. What twat came up with this system?!) and I turned around and Z was behind me, just looking at me. I laughed and told him not to look at me because I looked a mess (which he, being a bit of a superficial arrogant arse, naturally did not deny - I did look a state!!!). He asked me what was up and I told him about the bitchy conductor and he offered to give me some money, but I told him I had a £10 but needed change for the bus (hence why I was in the shop to buy some diet coke). We laughed and chatted for a bit and he took me outside and introduced me to his 2 guy friends who were nice.
I told him I needed a hug and his hugs were p-e-r-f-e-c-t: very firm and made you feel better.
Then they went off shopping for a party which I wasn't invited to (tomorrow - and most of my mates are going ofc...!)

Sorry, rant over. To conclude a SHIT-ARSE DAY but Z was a cutie and such a nice friend.
He has redeemed himself.
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal xxx

P.S. Z just texted me saying "you still looked hot today". What an absolute babe (I'm going to tell myself that his friends didn't hack his phone, which is very likely!)

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