Sunday, 3 February 2013

Crush is Over!!

I still think that every girl should be given a Girls' Guide Book On How To Make Decisions, when she is born which would include all of the clauses of the girl code. However, even without this Guidebook I feel that I have averted a potential disaster.
Just yesterday I had a tiny crush on a boy who was Strictly Off Limits (Curly-haired boy). But I've now realised that
A. He's not very nice; he got with my friend 3 times and says that he doesn't like her like that. I mean, call me a Hopeless Romantic but I believe that you should only kiss someone if you like them. Although, this is coming from the girl who kissed Tree because she felt bad saying no, and kissed Shy Guy because he looked like her ex...!
B. He's not my type in the Looks Department. I think he might be good-looking to other people, but he's not My Type.
C. It goes against the aforementioned Girl Code and even if I did hypothetically still have a crush on Curly-Haired Boy I would not have acted on it, because it would upset my friend who has kissed him on several occassions, and I think she still likes him. But he's a stupid Twatface who cannot see how amazingly pretty, smart and funny she is. His loss.

So, to conclude, the crush with Curly-Haired boy is officially over!
Good riddance; I don't need any more scumbags on my life!
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal,

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