Tuesday, 19 February 2013

New Perspctive on Z

Salut chums!! I am writing from my french exchange's house!!
This shall be brief because we are off to the pub, but I found out today what a complete Arrogant Arse Z is.
Up until now I had thought he was
A. A gentleman, after he hugged me whilst I cried
B. A flirt but a secret romantic
C. Lovely
It turns out he is actually a womaniser who brags about how many girls he has slept with :O
And then I starrted thinking about the things he has done - like how he started talking to me the other day by saying "You still looked hot tonight" but he obviously is a knobhead according to my friend who kissed him, who told me he's forceful and brags a lot and apparently thinks I'm in love with him. I'd rather eat grass. Speaking of which, he aspires to be a drug-dealer; I know how to pick 'em!!
Keep you posted on how the pub is ce soir


The pub
The pub was tres fun - we met some random French guys and one of them took my number; I thought he was Yum On Toast but everyone said he was Ugly As Fuck. My taste is apparently appalling...!
However, we met lots of people and drank lots of Sex on The Beach and Vodka and played Table Football. Overall, a top night!!
I'm back in England now, chums, and I miss France so much!! Sigh... I have to get started with this English Coursework so I must bid you adieu

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