Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Biting the Bullet

I've made an important decision.
I have concluded that I am not prepared to let history repeat itself - Curly Haired Guy shall not be my new Knight in Abercrombie & Fitch. In other words, I shall not lead him on and then reject him, and then regret it when he moves on. In other words, I will not cock this up.
Now that I've learnt from the whole Knight Fiasco I know:
1. That it's OK to try a date with a guy to see if you like him. When I was meeting up with Knight, however, I didn't see that as dating; I saw it as friends meeting up.
2. That it's not OK to lead someone on, since it causes heartache when you realise that everything went tits-up because of your commitment issues and because you're a massive Twatface. Therefore, I need to be forward enough with Curly Haired Guy that he knows I'd like to try a one-off date and see how it goes, but I obviously need to talk to my friends first. I know, however, that e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e- in my group is against me getting with Curly Haired Guy because he kissed one of my friends first and she apparently liked him (she never told me, though!). Dilemma.
3. That I'm not a stereotypical teenager. As in, I don't swoon when a guy is perfect, nor do I hope that guys will ask me out. Instead, I think of reasons that we'd be bad together and then my heart plummets when they ask me out because I think of how incompatible we are. For example, despite the fact that Curly Haired Guy is very sweet and nice and I'm physically attracted to him when I'm with him, I have a list of cons in my head...
A. He's YOUNGER than me!! True, he's born in August and I'm November so we're still in the same year at school. But...but... I'M PRACTICALLY A COUGAR
B. He cannot spell. As in, he thinks "too" and "to" & "their" and "there" & "your" and "you're" are the same. And he puts too many commas in his texts, meaning they are grammatically incorrect and really hard to understand!
C. Not my type in the Looks Department (he's really...sweet-looking, whereas I prefer older-looking guys. I'm aware that I sound high maintenance so feel free to throw food at me if you see me in the street!)

BUT now I'm going to bite the bullet. I'm going to stay friends with CHG but if my friends give it the All Clear and we wait a while then perhaps we could try a date.
But who knows? Maybe they'll refuse to let us date and we'll end up doing a Romeo&Juliet. Although, actually, where would one buy fatal poison these days...
I'm taking this analogy too seriously.
Anyways, in the spirit of Shakespeare I shall bid you adieu,
Oh and there is a party this Saturday and he shall be there so I shall judge if there is any spark whilst there - but no kissing shall ensue (the Girl Code must NOT be broken again!)
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal xxx

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