Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Is History Repeating Itself?

Given the fact that I cannot keep my own secrets, it's hardly surprising that I told my mum all about the Curly-Haired Guy situation. Surprisingly, she actually took my side and pointed out that the friend did kiss Z (the guy I liked at the time) so this is the same thing, and the friend should forgive me too.
Last night I was texting Curly-Haired Guy (CHG) and whilst doing so his friend, L, texted me saying he was glad that me and CHG were texting again. 
I asked him how he knew and apparently CHG showed his mates the text I sent him (saying we should still text and it was silly for me to ignore him) and said it "made his day". 
Whilst I find this really cute and if he was in my reach I would TOTALLY DATE HIM, I cannot do this. So I texted him to tell him that if we were going to keep talking then we'd have to be Just Friends. He said he'd call me tomorrow (which is today).
Tonight we had a 10min phone conversation, and he said that Just Friends sounds good to him because he primarily wants me to be happy, and I wouldn't be happy if my friends isolated me (i.e. if I dated CHG).
We talked for a bit and he's going to talk to my friend and her best friend who yelled at me, this Friday at a party I was invited to (but shall not attend - since I want them to sort stuff out first).

But I have a nagging feeling in me. This is all too familiar; this situation of "just friends" despite the fact that we both secretly fancy each other. Is Curly Haired Guy the new Knight in Shiny Abercrombie & Fitch?! 
With both cases I never really dated them, yet I wanted to.
They both go to Eltham (private school) and have black curly hair.
They're both super-tall (yum).
Although, I kissed CHG and never kissed Knight. 
Ahh the kiss with Curly Haired Guy was just....fantabulous.
As I've already said it was tender and cute and I felt special to him. It was just.... amazing.
And now I can't do anything else, all because my friend liked him first. Argh. I hate girl code.
Keep you posted and let's hope this ends better than the Knight Situation,
Grammar Gal xxx

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