Sunday, 13 January 2013

Feeling like a Blue Smartie

Gaaa I just feel so...wretched...!!
I've always said that when one area of your life is going well, another goes tits-up. But what is a girl to do when they all go tits-up?! If I had to do a CV of my life at this moment in life then I would not employ me:
Behind after leaving most of my work in my locker. Am going to have to pull a Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible tomorrow and sneak into my locker at 7.45 (an hour before school starts), go to the library and just do it.

As much as I love my new friends, I feel like I'm constantly third-wheeling because I'm so bloody shy (I know this may come as a shock).

Pffffft. I'm more likely to win the lottery with the winning numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 than to get a boyfriend.
Z said he'd "text me the next day" and never did.
Knight didn't reply - what a shocker.
Prince's friend (a.k.a. the one who got me drunk on WKD and took me to the trampoline where I don't doubt that he, in his sober state, was going to take advantage of the situation is some way or another...!) is not my type - either in looks or in what I remember of his personality
Nice Guy is lovely-looking but not my type, despite what my mother wishes (she basically wants me to marry him - I warned you she'd love him!!)

So, yeah. I feel about as useful as the Blue Smartie who was exiled and then brought back and everyone was like "Ooooh...who cares".
But enough of this pity party! Goodness, what am I like?!!!
All problems can be solved with a positive attitude so if I just put on some rose-tinted glasses then, yes, I can see more clearly: work isn't too appalling - I'll go to work early and be on it like a car bonnet; the new friends are great so I just need to be more like me around them (less shy!); the boy situation will resolve itself and Knight's a twatfaced Knobhead - and I'm sure there are many others out there just waiting to bitchslap my heart :')
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

P.S. Cringy tale: I ran into Afro (A.k.a. attractive sixth former in the year above) whilst looking like a hobo - no make-up had touched my face, I was wearing my comfy hoodie which makes me look like I am with child. Not an attractive look, to be honest...!!

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