Friday, 18 January 2013

New Gust of Optimism

Let's take a look at some statistics...:
Number of boys I currently fancy: 0
Number of books I have read that will make me Oxbridge-material: 0
Amount of revision I have done for my up-coming mocks: 0

That's a lot of 0s. But...
Number of amazing friends: At least 10.
And here I am again, writing to you with a new surge (a gust, if you will) if optimism; I know that, somewhere, there is a boy who shall be fantabulous and, yes, I shall probably cock things up with him, but then I'll find another boy. The cycle will continue until things stop going tits-up and I find someone that I can be a goof with, and who appreciates that I like to sing on the train, speak to strangers at the cinema (including a lovely convo with the man getting my drink ready today), dance in the rain and sit cross-legged on chairs.
Someday I'll find someone just like that :D
Oh, and I am the bearer of good news: I replied to Knight's text , he then replied to me. But he didn't ask me any questions in his text so my friends have advised me that it's best not to text him back (he's not interested and, given that he has a girlfriend, can we blame him?!)

Well, anyways. I've come to realise that Ferris Bueller (from the film) is the epitome of perfection and maybe he has an identical twin out there somewhere...
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal xxx

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