Sunday, 6 January 2013

And the verdict is...

Tonight I met up with Nice Guy, the first guy I've been in a date-like scenario with since Knight. Needless to say, this was a big milestone and I'm pretty impressed that the 4 reasons I came up with, for why I couldn't make it tonight, stayed in my Drafts Box on my phone:
 1. My parents are taking me on a roadtrip to Cornwall
 2. my aunt's in labour
 3. I'm driving my sister back to uni
 4. my lesbian lover wants to spend time with me so I won't be able to make it

However, being a heterosexual whose sister is not going back to uni till next week, who cannot be bothered for the 8hr drive to Cornwall and whose aunt is not pregnant, I felt that these excuses would make me dishonest. And, besides, I figured I should try dating Nice Guy.

Well, during the film the Jury in my mind was working overtime (seriously, they should get paid for the amount of arguing they were doing up there) and it's come to a verdict: whilst dating is now less weird for me, Nice Guy is not My Type.
I know that he is the epitome of the English Gent and millions of girls would love a blonde football-fan who is cute and shy and quiet. I really tried to be attracted to him but there was just no...spark. So at the end of the night it felt natural to hug him (neither of us leaned in for any kisses or anything). He's a friend but nothing more.
Unfortunately, the whole Knight thing has changed my view about things. If you're new to the blog then the summary of the 'Knight thing' is: he was the Perfect Boy, the mixture between James Dean and George Peppard from Breakfast at Tiffany's and I only saw him as a friend and whenever he asked me to be his girlfriend I freaked out, then I started liking him but didn't want to make a move because I felt shy, then he said he loved me and I said I did too, then he got a girlfriend a month later. Our dates were awkward to start with but I felt comfortable in his company by the end of it all. Ah well, I'm sure his girlfriend's nice.
I'm side-tracking. The Knight Thing has taught me that if a guy and a girl meet up alone on more than one occassion then the guy and both of their friends will count it as "dating". I, however, don't want to date Nice Guy so I cannot meet up with him again - I don't want to give him the wrong impression (as I did to Knight all that time ago!)

So the Verdict is, that Nice Guy is perfect. But he's not perfect for me.
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal xxx

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