Saturday, 8 December 2012

Tonight, I promise...

Tonight I'm going to my friend's party, where there shall be alcohol, but I promise...
A. Not to have straight Vodka. From spending my birthday party with my head down a toilet I've realised that it's the drink of the devil...
B. Not to snog a-n-y-o-n-e even if he's:
1. My Romeo-Juliet soulmate
2. Reeeealllllly fitt
3. Really shy/I feel sorry for him
C. Not to get off-my-face drunk as a skunk (but, likewise, not to be a sober cobra) - the aim is to still be able to walk and talk and be able to recite my alphabet backwards by the end of the night.
D. Not drunk-text Knight/Z
E. Not to crazy-dance (I have grown to realise that this makes me look like a fool, albeit it's really fun)
F. To try to be a good wingwoman for Bazz

Right, think that sums up everything.
Hopefully I won't be drunk as a skunk by the end of the night so I'll keep you posted how I get on!
Grammar Gal xxx

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