Saturday, 8 December 2012

Drunk as a Skunk

^ Pretty much sums up this entire night.
NEWS: I didn't get with anyone!!
I did drink most of my Vodka & Coke bottle, so I'm a wee bit off my face.
And I texted Z to tell him I'm drunk as a ski=unk and the bastard didn't reply. So fuck him!
BUT I got boys' numbers! :O And danced with a few and there were these 3 guys who followed me around a bit (according to Awesome) and they were really nice; I'm talking to 2 of them now.
Yeah, Bazz had a bet of £5 with me that I'd get off with one of the boys but, alas, my self-control is amazing! Even though I was drunk as a skunk I did nothing :O The Slutty Alter-Ego was repressed and I cannot deny that I'm a lil bit imoressed :')
Now there's a teeny tiny dilemma: I like both boys that I really met and chatted to tonight
- One of them's really funny
- The other's really cute and sweet.

Well, what's a gal to do?
I vote: sleeping on it.

Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal
P.S. My head already hurts now. Little scared about what the morning shall bring...


Sober Cobra Perspective - a.k.a.The Morning After
Last night was very fun but now, with my sober perspective, I can see that the boys I chatted to will only be friends (it was the drink that told me I fancied them... I did hit my Vodka Wall methinks...)

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