Saturday, 15 December 2012

Happy as Larry

Dear all,
I have only just realised that the last blog post was ridiculously depressing and so I feel the need to make some things clear:
1. The friend and I are still close and I feel NO resentment whatsoever about the whole Z thing because Z has proved to be a bit of a twatface on the boy-front (he's a player) but a valuable mate. So I now do not care at all that the friend got with him - promise!
2. Me and Z are just friends, as I just said. Sometimes I have a tiny crush on him but then I'm
3. The boy I was considering dating in my last post is no longer appealling to me. I wanted to find a guy - any random guy - that I could date. If I wanted to I could date this boy - propose going to the cinema etc... But he's not really my Type and I'm not desperate enough to go on dates with boys I don't even have a crush on!
4. I've been going out  :O I went to a friend's house last night for a gatehring and I have another friend's party tonight! It seems that there is more to a weekend than colour-coding my post-its but, don't worry, I'm still the same clumsy Grammar Gal who makes cock-ups over stupid things.

FOR EXAMPLE: Last night I slut-dropped (very badly!) in front of the cutest boys in my school. AND I told one of them he was cute. AND I drunk-called Z and chatted for like 2 minutes about how his night was going. AND I asked my friend really awkward sex ed questions which, thinking about it now, make me cringe pahaha :')

Keep you posted on how tonight goes and let's pray that I don't drown in this mountain of homework,
Grammar Gal xxx

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