Friday, 21 December 2012

Drunk Skunk in Andover

Firstly, it seems imperative to explain to you, chums, my Drinking Codes:
- If you're sober = Sober Cobra
- If you're tipsy = Tipsy Gypsy
- If you're drunk = Drunk Skunk
- If you're hungover = In Andover.

This morning I was in Andover after being a Drunk Skunk last night. My actions last night were appalling - I spent most of the evening semi-passed out in the toilet with 2 absolute babes looking after me.
As a result I missed most of the gathering and had to go home early, where there was an awkward car journey since I seemed to have forgotten how to speak.
This morning when I woke up I felt like there were a million little earthquakes occurring simultaneously in my brain... But that's my fault for being such a lightweight!

But enough about that!
Lately I have been going out quite a bit (I suppose I'm making out for lost time on the whole Going Out situation) but I'm still the same old me. I am currently watching and quoting Bridget Jones and accidentally said 'knob' whilst in church yesterday...
And I still have NO luck with boys. Last night I talked to a random Curly-haired Cutie on the bus when he lent me his phone. I was going to go for the whole "Thanks for that...I'm [insert name] by the way" (like they do in all the American films) but as soon as I turned his phone on I saw a picture of his girlfriend whose boobs were so big that I wondered how she walks without falling over. So instead we lapsed into silence.
And yet I'm happy that it's that time of the year: the time of hand-holding, woolly beanies, ice-skating hand-in-hand and mistletoe. Even though I am a Teenage Spinster, I love the romantic season.
Besides, it's not like nobody has asked me to be his girl. The other day Nice Guy (the really nice guy I met at my friend's party the other night who wouldn't take advantage of my drunkenness so he didn't kiss me) told Bazz he really liked me.
But I'm not sure if he's really the one for me - he's really nice but not really my usual type? (a.k.a he's not a knobhead).
Well, I'm considering perhaps trying out a date with him? After all, I can't rule out boys without trying first!
Ahh I need to make some New Years' Resolutions...
But we'll save that for the next post!
Keep you posted and Merry Christmas everyone,
Grammar Gal xxx
P.S. Z and I are just friends still and I no longer fancy him after realising his standards are too high and unrealistic (Kate Moss would be "slumming" for him)

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