Sunday, 28 October 2012

New Start Inspired by Durham

This weekend I visited my sister. The trip was great: we got to catch up and I've missed her immensely so that was fun.
But in the evening we went out to a club and it seems that I thought I could handle half a bottle of Vodka.
I really couldn't.
I got so drunk at the pre-drinks that when people talked to me, I could only catch glimpses of what they were saying, and I kept repeating myself (my top phrases were: "Oh my God you're Irish!", "your shoes do match your shirt", "I like a guy with chest hair"). And when I got to the club itself I realised/imagined that the boy I had been talking to at predrinks, the Shy Guy, looked like Knight. With this realisation I tried to stay away from him, for fear of a repeat of the Loverat situation (a.k.a. getting off with a randomer).
Obviously this plan failed.
We ended up dancing and then snogging but...
I can't think of a way to phrase this in the nicest way possible.
When I first kissed the Shy Guy it felt like there was a washing machine in my mouth.
Not good.
But, nonetheless, I spent most of my night doing this activity and dancing (which, incidentally, constituted of a lot of bum-grabbing). The Shy Guy was starting to bore me after we had been dancing like this for a good hour so I initiated that we go upstairs and sit down.
Little did I know that this sitting down would also lead to us kissing some more.
I suddenly realised that I didn't know this boy. And then I started to freak out. I had, yet again, got off with a stranger whose surname I did not know.
And then I started to panic that I couldn't find my sister and I was so drunk that everybody looked the same.
Eventually I found one of her Roomies and they led me to my sister, who was worried sick about me. We left shortly after, but not before a boy whose name was the same as Knight's hit on me. The reminder of Knight was a little bit too much to take.
When we got back to my sister's house I had to go to her room and have a little cry because
A. I was too drunk to function
B. I realised I had never kissed a boy who had genuinely cared about me or who wasn't out-of-his-mind drunk.

This has led me to my New Start. True, my first couple of kisses weren't great - they weren't memorable and they weren't meaningful. But as of now I vow not to snog a boy unless we have been on a date and if I truly like him. And I cannot be under the influence of alcohol.
That's my plan to get a proper man.
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal xxx

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