Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Fairy Godmother: Top Wingwoman

Today I was a little worried.
For starters, it has become apparent to me that my talking to boys always ends in me saying something awkward/talking too much and then a large awkward silence.
Today, for instance, I unintentionally told Z about how my teacher told me I need to get a life yesterday at parents' evening...!
He did laugh, but obviously at me not with me..!
So then I fretted about Gent - after all we're going to a party on Wednesday. But I don't even remotely like the Gent anymore (sorry, but he reminds me of a square). There is a nice boy at school, let's call him Tree, and he seems nice but I don't fancy him or anything don't worry! Well, I started worrying that I'd talk to Tree & Gent and be myself (a.k.a. weird) --> the night would end in disaster.
Instead, my Fairy Godmother (FG for short) has stepped in and has agreed to be my wingwoman, in exchange for me being hers. PLAN!
NB. This is a girl who acts like a fairy godmother. I don't believe in fairies.
Just thought I'd clarify.

Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal xxx

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