Saturday, 20 October 2012

Grammar Gal in Shock

The Serial Dater plan in undoubtedly a good one, and one I shall probably refer back to later.
But right now I have bigger things on my mind.
I've been invited to a Halloween Party where Gent and co. (the New Rat Pack) will be there.

I'll bet you anything that I cock it up.
Anyways, I've decided to go as a devil (I'm sure loads of others will go as a devil - it's not exactly a unique idea...!!) and I have my dress and horns all ready.
Gaa I cannot wait :')
So, just to recap, this Top Nerd has:
1. A visit to Durham over the weekend to look forward to
2. A Haloween Party
3. A gathering with my friends.

Whoop whoop! I love having things to do - especially after Knob and his girlfriend put up that devastatingly cute picture on Facebook yesterday...
Keep you posted,

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