Thursday, 4 October 2012

Little Catch Up

Hello chums,
I have been immensely busy "working" which we both know means watching Gilmore Girls/Sabrina the Teenage Witch/Friends/Emmerdale..!
Well, anyways, some things have happened in the space of...time it has been since I last wrote.
Just a warning: I've consumed 2 Red Bulls so expect a LOT of excitement!

The Player Plan
My sister's boyfriend's college son (it's confusing to explain) vaguely knows Knight the Knob/manscum. So the Player Plan is to get to know this guy when I go and see my sister and
Best Case Scenario: Have an amazingly awesome picture taken of us --> uploaded to Facebook --> show Knight that his Knobishness has lost him this Grammar Gal [P.S. let's hope that the Knob doesn't still have this address. That would be awkward. But then again...I don't really care about him enough!)
Worst Case Scenario: There would be no photographic evidence or the photographic evidence would be so atrociously ugly of my drunken state that it would never be permitted to reach Facebook. This seems likely.

Talked to The Cutie at school
This is the really shy boy with not many friends who is so adorable and ahhhh. My opening line (which was also my closing line) was "Have you seen Bazz anywhere?" to which he replied he had not.
We obviously have a deep relationship...

I saw S today

Today I saw Z's ex, S and she is lovely as ever and I now feel like such a Knob that I used to find her intimidating when she's actually nice =]

One of my close friends told Knight to "stop fucking with [my] head" and acting like a "twat". And now he's left me alone for good! Yay! Sure, I'd have liked to have been friends with Knight but it's not possible because
A He's changed and is now a Knob who doesn't reply to messages
B. He now has a girlfriend so a lot of our bant would be inappropriate
C. His text apology wasn't satisfactory for me. When I apologised to him and tried to move on, I wrote him a letter. He has me address. He knows how to write. You see my point.
Or at least a phone call would have sufficed. A text is just inadequate.

So I decided that if he wants to be in my life he has to really try, and he didn't make an effort: he, naturally, did not reply to my text. This gave me two options:
1. Grovel, listen to Sad FM and basically let life go back to how it was 5 months ago.
2. Accept and b happy that he is out of my life for good.
And this time I choose the second option.

Knight. if you are somehow reading this then I'd like to tell you to go fuck yourself have a nice life.

Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

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