Monday, 8 October 2012

Cutie on the bus

OK, I know I promised that I wouldn't find anyone attractive as of now but...I lied.
The Cutie from my school was on the bus today and, yes, we have nothing in common and, yes, he's too shy for my liking but....huminahuminahumina---ahhh
I mean seriously.

Moving swiftly on, I have not Facebook stalked nor really thought about Knight the Knob all day (until just now - a major improvement) so yay!
I think this is major improvement. If Knight were my drug then I would be ready to come back to rehab as an alumni by now (:

So this was just a quick message to say... I'm no longer hung up on the Knob.
Celebratory mexican wave wahoooo

P.S. some things on the blog have been altered.
I'll explain later. 

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