Friday, 19 October 2012

A leopard never changes its spots...

...but it does change its knickers. Today I learnt the life lesson that whilst thongs look like an inhumane device used to torture people in Ancient Egypt, they are actually ridiculously comfortable :O
Moving swiftly on...
A week or so ago I promised you that I would refrain from finding anybody attractive until I found The Guy who made me feel all fuzzy. This plan lasted a good...3 days.
Then I met the Gent, the Cutie and some other people. So I've realised that fancying lots of people at once is way more fun and beneficial that being hung up on one person (does everyone remember Knight?!)
The Gent that I mentioned in the last blog post is history. Once again I'm too intimidated by The It Crowd (that's my school's new Rat Pack) that he belongs to and all of the leggy blondes who are after him.
I'm a quitter. When I can't do something I generally give up.
However, I am going to see my sister in lovely Durham soon, so that will give me something to look forward to.
As for the boy thing, all of the cool guys are going to parties with girls I've never talked to. Pretty soon they'll be snatched up - heyho that's life :)
And so I have decided to just give up on all boys in my school.
But I am certainly not ruling out boys altogether.

Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

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