Monday, 17 September 2012

It's not just that they're a couple; Knight and his girlfriend are a very cute couple.
Their cute conversations pop up on my News Feed and their pictures together make them seem happy.
I think I've been distant with the boys from the bus and from the party because, deep deep deep down there somewhere I thought that I may be able to win Knight back. Now I know that this is beyond possible and even Tom Cruise would have to pass that up.
Instead, therefore, I'm going to continue my search for Mr Right - but I'd also settle for Mr. Not-a-Knob-Head or Mr-not-a-Pervert. I'm not really that picky..! :')

And so I'm going to take this fishing malarcky to a new level and I'm going to get to know the fish that, so far, I have caught.
Keep you posted when I cock this up and they realise what a complete nutter I am,
Grammar Gal

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