Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Cynic no more: Fishing Trip Number 2

Hello chums,
I realise it has been an obscene amount of time since I last wrote a blog and I thought we should have a little catch-up session now.
Right, well I've been on a mission to Stop Britain's Upper Lip and so far this has resulted in:
A. Talking to strangers on the street about where they bought their T-shirts/shoes. Both times this was unsuccessful as it was a one-word answer and then they walked off. Rude.
B. Singing Backstreet Boys' "Everybody Backstreet's Back" to randomers on the tube (this is a major thing!)
C. Talking to new people on the bus who go to my school.
D. Making friends with new people at school. This isn't  breaking the British stereotype or anything, I thought I'd just mention it because I've met some really lovely people and gaa I'm just ridiculously happy right now :')
E. Here's the major one. Prepare yourself: Fishing Trip Number Two.

For anyone new to this blog, a Fishing Trip is where I try and fail to find good-looking and nice strangers to flirt atrociously (as in, I cock it up) with. Today these 2 cute boys (or, at least, they were cute by my standards so they may not actually be cute...well, to me they're cute) gave up their seats for an old couple and I smiled at them subconsciously because I love it when people are nice to old people. Then they came up to me and asked me who I thought was the most Gentlemanly.
After much deliberation I decided the guy who stood up first was the most gentlemanly, but I deliberated for a good 2 minutes - saying my thoughts out loud...
Then they asked how old I was, to which I informed them that I am 16.
They go to Bromley College and they were 17 (I think - they were definitely older than me and they were shocked that I was only 16).
After some obscene flirting (on their side not mine) where pick-up lines I didn't know existed were put into use (i.e. Boy A asked Boy B to confirm that he had a nice body and Boy B said they don't have that kind of friendship, but Boy A said he hoped that we would..) Boy B asked for my number and we talked some more.
Boy B said he loves Spongebob Squarepants and Boy B made me laugh when he said that he prefers more "manly" shows like *insert long pause* ...Eastenders.
I blurted out that I'm a die-hard Emmerdale Fan and that sometimes I watch the Omnibus just for LOLs and they laughed and I asked them whether this was turning them off. To my surprise it wasn't...Mindfuck :')
Well, since this bus journey Boy B has in fact texted me and, yes, I suppose I ought to text him back (although, if truth be told, I think I liked Boy A better...!)
Hmmm...what to do!
Well, at least I no longer feel like a Pathetic Singleton.
That reminds me, Loverat messaged me yesterday after leaving me waiting for almost a month! And Facebook told me that he read my message weeks ago. Naturally I therefore haven't messaged him back...
Oh, and it's Prince's Party this Friday! Fingers crossed this Cinderella will have fun at the ball...
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

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