Friday, 14 September 2012

Drunk post: Prince's Ball

Who knew that this Grammar Gal would get this drunk at Prince's ball?! It turns out that Vodka is my kryptonite and that I get ridic drunk from it (although I did have quite a bit).
The idea of this post is to type what I remember before I inevitably forget tomorrow.
OK, I met a guy, let's call him V-neck Jumper guy (or V-guy for short) and we danced and he put his hand on my lower back and I actually kissed him on the cheek at one point. But then I saw him with another girl and it reminded me of Loverat, so I leaved him behind...
Then there was this other guy who's into Medicine - so let's call him M. M danced withme and he took me to the trampoline where I reckon he wanted to take advantage of this intoxicated state I am in so I went to "find my sister" instead.
The there's a bunch of guys I danced with but I've forgotten their names. Oh yeah, and I grinded with M.
LOL at my life.
Then there's Prince himself - I didn't feel he was particularly interested in me - he was dancing with other people and when we danced in a group he didn't look at me.
But then his Ma suggested we dance and he held my waist and I held his side for a long time.

When I was saying my goodbyes I kissed him on the cheek. Then, with this extra Dutch Courage I went and told him bout the bet that if I got 9A*s I had to kiss him on the mouth (I didn't tell him that the actual dare was that I gotta snog him) and he asked how many I got and I said 11 so then I kissed him on the mouth (but, unfortunately, it wasn't for long!)

Now I want to see him tomorrow but I'm worried that his allure will fade with the alcohol - is it an allusion or do I really fancy Prince?
Mr Vodka told me that I fancy him, but who knows..?!
Keep you posted chums,
Grammar Gal

P.S. I may have drunk texted Knight with a much-owed apology for cocking things up... Gaa I'm such a plonker! C'est la vie, I'm gonna go get some sleeeeep :D

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