Saturday, 22 September 2012

Boy Decoder, anyone?

Hey chums,
So I've been talking to Z a bit and we're in that awkward stage where I want to talk to him but I feel like an imposition - I don't want to appear too clingy. True, most of my friends and most girls my age would say that you should just be straight-forward with a guy and reply as soon as you receive his message.
But what if that makes me seem to keen?? In order to avoid this, I've been waiting at least 5 minutes before replying.
In adopting this method I have made our conversation last all day :O

Anyways, the point of this post was the Boy Decoder. I really wish there was a way that you could strip all the rubbish and pretence from what a boy is saying or find out the hidden meanings to what he's saying.
Alas, no. Us girls have to try to decipher what it means when he says "kk" instead of "OK" or "hello" instead of "hi".

Today, Z said that I looked different to how I did when I was in Yr 8 because my "face is more defined".
What the hell does that mean?!
A. Did my face used to be blurry?
B. Are my chin and nose now pointier?
C. Seriously, what else could this comment mean?!!

Due to the absence of a Boy Decoder I've had to use my faulty perceptive skills which tell me that this boy is Not That Into Me because telling a girl that her "face is more defined" is either
A. Some form of insult
B. The worst compliment ever.

Either way it hardly suggests that this is a boy who wants to see my "defined" face more often.

Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

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