Monday, 20 August 2012

Relief with the Rebound

I've realised that after every almost-relationship that I've cocked up, the only way to get over it is to find a rebound. With Beaver my rebound was Giraffe. With Giraffe my rebound was Knight. With Knight my rebound was Dan the Loverat. But even though the Loverat snogged me then left me for someone prettier, leggier and more intelligent, I don't have any hard feelings there.
Because now I'm over Knight.
It's a beautiful cycle and I wasn't that attached to Loverat so I don't need a rebound for him. So now I'm feeling Zen and lalalalalala again :')
At present I am rather worried. I have to find my friend's house and I've never been there before. For a normal person that would be fine, but for me a map is like a rubix cube: insolvable and usually easy to give up on. Today, however, I have printed off an actual map and written myself some rather patronising instructions.  I'm all set. It's like my very own D of E experience :')
Now, in the very likely event that I cock this up I'm going to have to rely on staying calm and not running around like a mad goose (like last time I got lost - which was, incidentally, on the day of my Chemistry GCSE exam - let's just say that I was as calm as Bugs Bunny on speed..)
I still have a list of things that need doing before I attempt to find my friend's house and whilst I know that I shall watch Jeremy Kyle in my PJs first, I still feel I need to bid you adieu :)
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal xxx

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