Thursday, 30 August 2012

Not My Type

Nice guys don't always finish last.
Look at Prince: he's cute, funny, nice, sarcastic and I used to fancy him.
Maybe that's because he's so...casual. You know - he shrugs things off and doesn't chase girls - he lets them chase him.
Now, that is my type - not the intense guys who reply straight away, ask awkward questions and make un-funny and awkward sex jokes.
The latter are the guys that usually try it on with me.
I won't lie, there haven't been many guys that have "chased" me - I'd say about 5?
But I feel like a Creepy Guy Magnet.
My sister once told me that at any party the cute guys will go for the hottest girl(s) in the room and then the Creepy Guys will go for the slightly less hot girls (a.k.a. me and other normal people) who they feel are in their "league".
On holiday I found this with David - Creepy David who was just...creepy. I think I've already mentioned him but if I haven't, he asked awkward questions and touched me incessantly and just bugged me and wouldn't leave me alone.
Then on my French exchange trip there was that guy Francois who followed me to the bathroom and took my phone and texted me messages instead of talking to me.
David and Francois were Intense Creepy Guys.
There are more Moderate Creepy Guys like Adam or Duke or Z: these guys make me feel uncomfortable because I want to be friends with them but they make it clear that friendship isn't on their agenda.

So, to conclude, I only attract Creepy Guys (Moderate-Intense) and Loverats (i.e. Knight, Giraffe and Loverat himself).

And that is why I'm annoyed with chick flicks - they've built my hopes up that Patrick Dempsey is going to ride his lawnmower over to my house in that blue checked shirt that makes him look so fiiiiine and is going to whisk me away. And Breakfast at Tiffany's has made me love the rain but anticipate - nay, expect - a gorgeous (albeit annoying) guy to come up to me and kiss me, wrapping his trench coat around our cat.

But let's wake up and smell the roses - It's Creepy Guys vs. Loverats.

Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal xxx

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