Monday, 27 August 2012

Loverat Exposed - for Bazz

In the past I've respected the privacy of the people mentioned on this blog by giving them codenames and not revealing any personal info about them - including appearance, date of birth and address (well, naturally).
For once I have to break this rule because I need to show Bazz, my good friend and confidante, what Loverat looks like.
Now, I am fairly sure that Loverat shall never have access to this blog but if, by some freaky coincidence, he does, then I apologise but this is urgent.
He is the guy on the right of the picture.
Cute, huh?
But don't worry Bazz, or anyone else reading this, I'm not in the slightest hung up on him of all people. He was The Rebound and nothing more - promise. A lovely and cute rebound, sure. But, hey, let's not forget that by the end of our 2 day "thing", he went off with someone else - like the better version of me: The Grammar Gal 2.0
Whatever :')
What is slightly bugging me is that Knight has returned from Reading with Slutcliffe his girlfriend and she wrote on his wall an hour ago that she wants to Skype him in an hour.
Basically they're talking right now.
But that's fine - no hard feelings. Sure, I would have liked a farewell or even the odd text here and there; but when a girl is being fazed out then she knows. And, believe me, I know.

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