Monday, 27 August 2012

Festival Fever

As previously established, I'm not a normal teen.
There are very few of us at the Convent that could say they are what is classed as "normal" but I'm weird even by the Convent standards.
It's a day after Reading Festival has ended and all the pics are up of the multitudes of people who went camping and drinking and partying for a long weekend with their friends.
True, this does sound appealing in principle.
In fact, the Normal Teen inside me is screaming at me that I should book my tickets in advance for next year, then go out and buy slutty festival gear, buy a tent and "raise the roof".
Then there's the Grammar Gal inside me that reminds my 'normal' alter-ego that my idea of fun is watching the Emmerdale Omnibus whilst drinking home-made banana milkshake (and by that I mean that Nesquik helped...).
To the Grammar Gal inside me, a festival sounds just about as fun as bikini shopping - and we all know how much I love that... A Festival is 3-4 days of:
1. Listening to bands whose music I don't and never will like. If this is confusing to understand then perhaps you should know that Elvis, Madonna, the Chordettes, Joan Jett and The Beach Boys currently feature on my Top 25 Most Played playlist on my iPod. Not Rizzle Kicks.
2. Creepy guys staying in tents next to you and therefore making awkward conversation with them in the mornings or, if you're unlucky, being hit on by them.
3. Alcohol excess. Actually, alcohol's not too bad..
4. Mud, meaning that any clothes bought could and would be ruined.

Need I say more?
Then again, I'll probably buy some wellies, try to convert myself to the "conventional" music of the 21st century and I'll see you in Reading next year.

Who knows? It's possible...
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

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