Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Ciao, chums!

Today is the last official day before I'm off on a Mediterranean Cruise so it has, naturally, been packed with all of the things I've been postponing. Such as...
1. "Packing" - a.k.a. Watching Jeremy Kyle show
2. The Worst Experience Ever - it comes once a year, every summer; that's right girls, the bikini wax. To say that it's painful would be like saying that Will Smith is a Sex God - it's so obvious that it's not worth saying. A portion of my day has therefore been spent mentally swearing. Something along the lines of: "OH MOTHER OF F***" but in my head of course..!
3. Actually packing to motivational music - a.k.a. Magic The Album.
4. "Painting" my nails - a.k.a. taking an hour to pick a colour then feeling too tired to paint them.

So, in brief, I am cream crackered and I have to go to sleep now at the ridonkulously early time of 9:30 PM because I have to wake up at the ungodly hour of 2AM to catch a flight to Barcelona!

Hopefully there's Wi-Fi onboard but, if not, I will let you know the highlights of the trip when I get back on 14th August :D
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

P.S. Bazz and I met up and we realised that the Prince Plan is a no-go because we don't see each other enough, he's too shy to ask me out, I'm too shy to ask him to ask me out and I don't even have his number. I'm glad you understand..

P.P.S. Bazz met some hot Spanish dudes on her cruise so fingers crossed... :')

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