Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Shiny floors and fitt guys: NYC Day One

It seems logical to start with the plane journey.
Well I had pretty much faced that I was going to die. I'm always like that whenever we fly to America - I'm scared the pilot won't be paying attention and we'll just plummet downwards or that our plane could be hijacked. Needless to say, I wasn't feeling partiularly joyful when I took my seat but all of that was about to chamge: we had TVs. Now, I know that most people won't find TVs on a plane particularly brand new information (I mean, some people have TVs in their CARS :O ) but they are truly magical since
A. I was able to watch The Hunger Games which was just fan-fricking-tastic
B. I was able to listen to music. Not going to lie, I listened to the music that I had on my iPod but on the TV because listening to music on the TV wasjust so much more exciting.

Ususally on a plane I have the particularly sneaky tactic of pretending to sleep when the food comes around but this time they actually gave you a choice for what to eat instead of dolloping on your plate a substance which vaguely resembles questionable meat.
Naturally I needed the loo, but oh I hate plane loos. For a start, they are tiny. As in I couldn't stretch out my hand completely since it would hit the door. This just isn't right and I think that if Mr Branson followed my plan then the people in Economy would be a lot more chipper: he should just take away a little bit of space from the First Class cabin or maybe he could just get rid of the mahoosive florescent bar thaIt they have access to. With this extra space he should expand the toilets so that people like me don't feel as if they're weeing in a coffin.
So the toilet experience was just plain awkward but not as awkward as queuing for the toilet in front of a yummy scrummy huminahuminahumina-aaah boy. I mean I didn't want to have to pee in front of him so there was a lot of loitering on my part as I walked away from the loos and then came back when he was out.

The hotel was gorgeous and I would rate it ten billion stars. The loos, however, were like all American loos that I came across in NYC: plain weird. As in, there were large slits down both sides of the door so people could just watch you pee. Call me English but I like to pee in private thank you very much! Then there were the shiny floors which meant that if you looked down then you could literally see the person next to you on the toiler. Not a particularly pleasant sight. So I was doing a little waddle on the toilet to try to stay in the middle of the seat so that I would be less visible to the others in the toilet area who could see me through the doors and I was also looking up to avoid the eyes of the peeps next to me through the shiny floors.

In the City That Never Sleeps my sister and I surprisingly did a lot of sleeping on the first night. A lot. As in we fell asleep at 5:30 and vowed to wake up and get up at 6:00. We woke up at 8:30 and made a 'meh' sound and went back to sleep, not waking until the next day at around 8ish. I blame the jet lag and the inability to sleep on planes. Literally, I've never understood how some people can sleep on planes. Trains? Sure, you can lean on the window seat next to your head. But planes? The window is very uncomfortable to put your head on and if you're in the aisle seat then WHERE DO YOU PUT YOUR HEAD? It kind of just lulls there as you try (and fail) to get in 40 winks. Sigh.

Right well I'm off to the library in the pouring rain (it sounds silly but, let's face it, it rains everyday here so now's as good a time as any!). I'll be back later to write about days 2-4.


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