Thursday, 12 July 2012

Miss Unorganised

Apologies! Yesterday I had fully intended to type up les events of NYC but I went to the library, realised I had no key, ran back home where (thankfully) our cleaner was there and she let me in. After that I was too exhausted to work so I naturally watched An Officer And A Gentleman and The Pelican Brief.
And today I overslept, getting up at 12 to give a groggy/grumpy farewell to my sister's boyfriend. I'm just not a morning/afternoon person.
So I actually do need to do some form of work today, depressing as that seems. I blame Knight. True, he cannot be blamed for my sadistic teachers who think I can read AT LEAST 4 BOOKS in the holidays (one of which is Jane Eyre - a book I have always vowed to read but never intended on doing so), but he is to blame for my determination to work. I had originally planned that these holidays would be spent with Knight for the majority of them anyway, but alas no.
I'm sure he's happy with his new girlfriend and I vow to stop calling her words rhyming with Witch and Tut...
The thing is, I don't think girls should be called sluts. I mean, the term 'slut' in general is fine.
Example: "This Halloween I'm dressing up as a slut". That's fine. But labelling other girls as sluts is pretty...barbaric.
If a girl has sex with loads of guys/dresses in a provocative way then people - especially guys - think it's OK to call her a slut (which has negative implications)
If a girl has sex with no-one and dresses conservatively then guys think it's OK to call her frigid (which also has negative implications).
It's a lose-lose situation which is not helped by us girls calling each other sluts.
Then again, if there's a bitchy girl that you know and you call her a 'slut' I'm not going to condemn you - it's your choice what words you use so, no worries, there are no judgements here!
Besides, to be truthful, I think Knight's a slut - so, yeah, I may keep using the term for jerks like him.
Keep you posted with news from NYC I promise!
Grammar Gal xxx

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