Friday, 13 July 2012

The Day I Discovered Heaven: NYC Day 2

On the second day we started shopping - we went to Macy's where I didn't and still don't understand what a department store is or how it works... Then we went to Heaven - a.k.a. Forever 21 where the quality was Topshop standard but with Primark prices :')
On Day 2 I also became aware of the vast contrast between Americans and the British. I mean, the waitresses in this restaurant were so friendly and many of the American tourists we saw were so happy and chirpy! Don't get me wrong, my sister and I are happy people but the Americans we met were super happy and lovely.
On Day 2 I also discovered the Ultimate Man Supplement: smores. This is like a sticky marshmallow/chocolate dessert which was just...amazing. Literally, the nicest thing I've ever eaten in my life (no exaggeration!). I'm actually considering writing to David Cameron about how we don't have smores here in England. It's a very serious issue - many people will go through life never having eaten them and that is just tragic.
So, brunch was great that day - scampi and smores  = match made in heaven.
But dinner consisted of half of a bagel and a "hot dog". Now, the "hot dog" is in "s because I didn't get to eat mine. In true "ditzy" (according to my sister- which is just so rude :O ) fashion, I wasn't looking whilst crossing the road and I dropped my hot dog - which I had been saving for the hotel - onto the floor but, naturally, it slipped down my cream&purple dress first. On the picture one of my friends told me that it looked like I'd been sick on myself. Splendid.
The day was also slightly marred by the fact that my hair was as greasy as a Domino's pizza since the shower looked really intimidating and, also, we overslept and I had no time!
Then that evening we went and saw Evita which was amazing. On the way out we had a craving for chocolate so we went over to Toys R Us (like all the cool kids do of course) and bought some chocolate. It was heaven in a bar.
That night was pretty hard to sleep in since there was this constant blue flashy light outside our hotel window of a Celine Dione advertisement which was accompanied by people randomly screaming "WOOOOOO" for around 2 hours in the wee hours of the morning...
Regardless, I still preferred it to the silence of suburbia!

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