Thursday, 5 July 2012

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Why hello there, chums. I'm dreadfully sorry for not keeping you posted sooner but I, the Social Recluse - nay, hermit - have been rather busy. Gem and I went shopping in Oxford Street and then visited Camden which was the most eclectic and awesome place I've ever been to; Knight used to say that Brick Lane is nicer but Jack The Ripper used to do his thing in Brick Lane. Enough said.
Then yesterday I went to Thorpe Park with a friend of mine and that was awesome. Whilst there I realised that
1. Hot girls often go out with not-so-hot guys as shown by the number of supermodel girls in Ray Bans who were accompanied by geeky guys in desperate need of Clearasil wearing T-shirts saying things like 'Darth Vader was here'.
2. I'm not a normal teenager. Of course I've always known that I'm not "cool" exactly, but the fact that I felt intimidated by 14-year-old girls chewing gum shows my life has hit a new low.

And today I have been packing like craaaazy for New York which is where I'm going tomorrow - very excited. Too excited really. I'm practically bumbling. I love the word bumbling. I'm bumbling like a bee. Oh dear - I've actually been driven to the brink of insanity by this surplus sleep and excitement :D
I am currently torn between
A. Finding my phone (and its charger - I usually lose on or the other but today I somehow managed to lose both...)
B. Creating a playlist for the plane. Then again, what does one listen to when one is paralysed with fear about flying? I absolutely loathe flying. Especially to America. I'm shit-scared so I'm thinking a bit o' Beach Boys should calm me down a bit... :)
C. Facebook. Enough said. It's addictive as I have previously established. However I shall not give into temptation. I have a lot of urgent things to do like...
D. ... Painting my nails. It needs to be done. If you saw them in their mishapen and blandness then you'd understand.

Well since I don't have a "hip" phone which has internet I shan't be able to blog unless there's an internet cafe or something. So I have come up with a foolproof plan of keeping a diary and then I'll type it up - deal?!
Keep you posted when I get back (I'm only gone until Tuesday!),
Grammar Gal

P.S. I gave up on being a Gym Goddess (deja vu for when I gave up cheerleader training ) when I realised that my baby 2 year old cousin runs at a similar pace to me. It didn't do wonders for my self-esteem.

P.P.S. Today my sister called me 'ditzy' and, in order not to offend me, she said it wasn't that I'm intellectually below par but that I'm always "away with the fairies". So that's just fantastic...

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