Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Gym Goddess Status Achieved :D & Knight Update

I'm pleased to say that I've just got back from a most relaxing weekend at the Lake District where I, Grammar Gal, walked 6 AND A HALF MILES :O
I mean, that means I'm practically qualified to run a marathon.
Today I tried to start some work (pfft) and went to the library where there was a surprising amount of fishes swimming (metaphorically speaking of course). However they all irritated me - one of them had this annoying cough/sneeze which was just bizarre; another guy was listening to music on full blast. In the library. It was madness. Then there was the boy next to me who was laughing every 5 minutes at whatever was on his screen. I was not amused.
Eurgh and I have only disappointing news to report about Knight - his girlfriend has updated a picture of both of them. That's right. It's now official - like the marriage license of boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. Sigh.
And I haven't heard from RF since prom. Although that's probably for the best - I mean, we had nothing in common so nothing's really been lost there. Then again, it does mean that I've lost my Relationship Guru and now I'm completely clueless.

Oh well - onwards and upwards, chums!
Tomorrow I have to stay at home* but on Thursday I'm supposedly having a lunch with some friends :')

*Right, well, I texted Knight at 2:30 AM asking if he wanted to meet up on Wednesday, realised that that was a stupid thing to ask since we have nothing to talk about and it would be beyond awkward, covered it up by apologising for sending the text to the wrong person, got to talking to him about his life (he's been kicked out of school :/ ), asked him if he wanted to meet up AGAIN (seriously, I think I have a problem!) and he didn't answer (surprise surprise). So now I cannot leave my house tomorrow because, knowing my luck, I'd run into him and he'd  wonder why I wasn't with the guy I claimed to be meeting up with. Lying is too much effort...

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