Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Relationship Guru

I retract anything which I may have previously written that has made RF sound like a pig. He is now my Relationship Guru/God. He just drifts from girl to girl, not getting too attached, having a bit o' fun but not getting heartbroken. He is incredulous that I have waited for Knight for 2 years and has agreed that we are going to go fishing together in the summer (eeeee!). Literally cannot wait.
So, yeah, he is a Top Babe at the moment and I love talking to him - he's so interesting!

Oh God Oh God. Moral dilemma: does one lie to sound cool or does one tell the truth when the Relationship Guru asks one if one has kissed a boy when one has not?
Maybe if I try really really hard I can make the ground swallow me up...? PLAN.

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