Monday, 4 June 2012

He's literally just not that into you

I have found that the past year has been split up into two sections: Before I Cocked Up My Relationship with Knight (a.k.a. before I idiotically rejected his offer to be his girlfriend) & Now (a.k.a. Torture/Magic FM days). I won't deny that there was a time where Knight did really like me - he texted me back as soon as I texted him, we exchanged witty banter and sparks would fly when we met up (Taylor Swift reference...*hangs head in shame*). Then I finally realised what a plonker/dimwit/numpty I was and it was rather like Chapter 36 in Pride and Prejudice (please don't judge me for knowing that... I judge myself for knowing that) where I realised how idiotic I had been and staked a claim in my Darcy. He, in turn, professed his "love" for me.
It's only just occurred to me that this proclamation of admiration was made when he was intoxicated and the next day, when he probably called to take it back, I interrupted him and arranged a day for us to meet up. I'll bet you anything he wanted to retract his claim!
Well, what's done is done. He hasn't texted/called and RF said something to me earlier this evening which has really changed my perspective on the situation: He's Just Not That Into You. And then I remembered my Bible. When I first read this book Knight fancied me and I was reading it for amusement because I love Greg's dry sense of humour. This time when I read it, it was educational and almost all of the cases fit my situation. To sum up - he's just not that into you if:
A. He's always "too busy"
B. He doesn't want to call himself your boyfriend.
C. He doesn't call you.
D. You're not going out.

Sound familiar?
Anyway I'm too depressed to dwell on this subject any longer - it seems that my Knight was just a traitor in disguise and I shall never find my Prince Chaming amongst this throng of manscum.

On a slightly happier note, I just need to thank some very important people for helping me not to sink into some sort of depressive state over Knight:
1. Awesome: Perhaps not recently, but in The Great Slump of me and Knight (where I wallowed in self pity every day) she helped me get a grip.
2. Bazz: For giving me hope about the fishing plan and being strict but sweet with the whole Knight situ.
3. RF who has helped me get a grip. Speaking of RF, guess who's DJing my prom..!?

Keep you posted!
Grammar Gal xxx

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